Getting Started in a Music Career

Getting started in the music business can be daunting. Maybe, you live in a small village in an area that has very limited music opportunities. Maybe, you are also working at a fast food restaurant to pay your bills. Every day on the job is spent working with non-musicians. Any connection with the music business and other musicians is very limited. Or maybe, you live in a major city where there is an active music business. But, competition is fierce and you don’t any idea where to begin.
So, what to do? Is all lost? No not at all, actually, the situation is not all bad news. There are several available options that can be used to get our young friend started on a career path.
The usual opportunities need to be used as much as possible: take lessons from a professional; take classes at the local college/university; join local musician associations/unions. Today, success will require that you have more knowledge and business understanding to effectively plan your music career.
The world has changed dramatically in the past 5 to 10 years. Today’s cyber world provides many opportunities that just were not possible a short time ago. That progress has raised the requirements for everyone. Today, you can have presence on FaceBook, Linkedin and other social media groups designed for musicians. You can take classes and lessons on-line from accredited colleges/university. You can also join on-line forums and groups to network with other jazz musicians -all without quitting his job or moving to a large city. Using social networks to promote your music career is not optional, it is necessary.
Is the on-line experience the same as being there, face to face with other musicians? No, it is not, but not being the same does not automatically equal “less than”. Being face to face with other musicians is meaningless, if there is not any meaningful interaction. Being a passive participant is not productive. On-line or face to face , there must be interaction. sharing, asking questions, learning or teaching are all active activities. Lurking on-line instead of actively interacting will far less productive but, most importantly, active participation means that your name will become familiar to other members of the forum or group – THIS IS IMPORTANT.
Success will depend upon having a well thought out plan. Everyone needs a good plan to guide their music career and that plan should be created with clearly defined goals aimed at the desired career. There are many on-line resources available to help anyone to develop goals, plans and long term business plans. Selecting the most effective forums, chat rooms and classes will take some research and thought. Referrals from other musicians will be the best source for information. If possible, check the membership lists to see who are members.
Building a network is one of the more important tasks, you will need to do for success. This is a significant requirement. You must know and be known by other musicians if you want to be called for gigs Seems self-evident doesn’t it? But, many people try to create careers by themselves without letting other more experienced musicians provide some helpful advice. First, you need to let them know that you want to join them in the music business.
Here are some strategies for building a network: Building a network will be easy on social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Pick some major “shakers and movers” to follow and hopefully befriend and start interacting with each other. Find a Mastermind group in your area and join it. Do an internet search for groups or clubs in your area. Subscribe to the local newspaper to find concerts, lectures etc. Place an ad on Craigslist asking for information about nearby meetings, conferences etc. that would be of interest. Join National associations. Most importantly, look at the current situation, make a plan to improve your situation and then put the plan to work. Don’t wait, fix and adjust as you go. Ask questions, revise plans and work at your plans every day – success will follow. Good Luck! оптимизация сайта поисковых системахtopod.inпродвижение в москве