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This is the first recording of the Chicago Jazz Trio with Nick Tountas on bass,  Jim Pierce on guitar and Dave Hibbard on  Flugelhorn/trumpet. The Chicago Jazz Trio is a small group and because there is not a drummer, its musical gestures are also smaller, more intimate and more subtle. There is more emphasis on telling our musical stories than laying down a heavy groove.

We chose to record the CD  live that is all three of us in the studio with open mikes. This is not an artificially "tweaked" recording, this is the real thing, the only editing done was to cut out some talking and a couple of squeaks made by a chair.  The result is three musicians improvising together "in the moment".  All the tracks on this recording are first takes.

Click on the following links to hear short audio clips from the CD - There are ten songs on the cd, these clips will give you an idea of the CD's content. If you like the clips click on Add to cart link to purchase on line. $15@

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Pure Imagination            Motens Swing        Estate        Lester Left Town        Dream Dancing

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