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  Jazz Combo Charts

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All My Friends - by Dave Hibbard. this three horn chart is a easy to play Latin-rock arrangement with lots of open space for solos. can be heard on DHQ recording "One Eyed Toast" . Medium tempo and middle register made it a winner for young bands.$20@

 Baby Mace -  by Dave Hibbard. nonet arrangement for five horns and rhythm  section. challenging up-tempo bridge will require some wood- shedding. Great opener or closer for concerts. solo spots for most of the ensemble over "rhythm  type" changes. $20@

Sightation - by Dave Hibbard. Jazz Waltz. this septet arrangement will stretch your ensembles ears. Lines are easy to play, harmonies based on the harmonic minor can be difficult for young soloists. This is a dramatic chart well worth the effort required. $20@

Two on One - by Dave Hibbard. two horn combo chart with Latin and swing sections. This chart will require a rhythm  section that can move easily between the styles. $20@

Jazz Big Band Charts

Soda Bop – by Steve Hart – neat Swinger with flexible instrumentation. This chart was written with the young band in mind. Accessible and fun to play. Solo Section$45@ Easy

 Salsa Juan – by Dave Hibbard – Great opener or closer for a young band. Salsa style accessible to Middle School Bands, flexible instrumentation . Open Solo Section $45@ Easy

 Hangin’ – by Dave Hibbard – Swing ala Basie – Easy groove; Flexible instrumentation. $45@ Easy


 Spooters – By Steve Hart – flexible instrumentation –young bands will enjoy playing this chart $45@ Easy

 Root Beer Floats – by Dave Hibbard.  Arrangement for young bands. Written out solo with a neat shout chorus. This is an  easy chart that sounds great. $45@ Easy

 Baby Mace – by Dave Hibbard. Big Band arrangement of  original nonet  arrangement. Great  concert opener and closer. Lots of open solo space for the band. This chart was written to be played very fast, but it also works at medium tempos. It’s fun to play $45@ Medium


 CHEESEHEAD. - By Steve Hart -  Great for teaching young musicians basic swing and blues concepts. Easy ranges for brass, simple changes for primary' improvisation, and easy yet characteristic ensemble rifts make this a chart that can be put together with minimal "wood-shedding." Helps to encourage young players. Very easy. $45@  

 Auburn Twist – by Dave Hibbard. Medium slow blues. Arranged for middle school bands. Written out suggested solo. $45@     medium/easy


 Go’Way-  by Dave Hibbard. Big Band arrangement featuring Bone section. Jazz-rock shout from beginning to end ala “Sir Duke” feel. Open solo sections $45 Medium/easy


 Denver Lady - by Dave Hibbard. big band Bossa nova. This chart is easy to prepare for performance with solid and full ensemble tutti section. Young bands will enjoy this chart. $45@ Easy

 RIFF-EZE. - by Steve Hart . Playable by less-than-full instrumentation, this chart helps young musicians by introducing simple swing patterns and easy solo changes. Great for getting the interest of developing musicians. Very easy. $45@

Jazz Instructional materials

Creativity Exercises for Improvising Musicians - by Dave Hibbard. Creativity is natural, use this booklet to recapture and expand your creative skills. Exercises are easy and rewarding focused on finding what works best for you. $10@

 Jazzer Warm-ups – by Dave Hibbard. daily warm-ups for improvising musicians. Comes with floppy disk with MIDI file accompaniments to use with sequencers. MIDI files will provide opportunity for practice with a variety of musical styles if used with recommended sequencing software. Students enjoy the quick and easy process and the success that they achieve. $9.95@