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Brass & Woodwind Solo & Ensemble Music

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Fanfare - for Two Trumpets and Typani By John Davye  The piece commissioned for the dedication of the Fine and Performing Arts Building and Visual Arts Building at Old Dominion University was composed for two Trumpets in C and four Timpani. A two minute piece with a passacaglia motif: the timpani has a “an relenting unchanging bass melody:  while the two trumpets relate to each other in a theme and variation format $10@

Sonata for Trumpet - by Roger Keagle $25@  for Bb trumpet and piano. traditional sonata in three movements. medium difficulty $20@

Solemn Music for Trombone Choir - by Roger Keagle a beautiful piece written for trombone choir  in four parts, Performance timeabout five minutes. $25@

Nine Duets for Trumpet and Trombone - by Roger Keagle $15@ very interesting and fun to play duets for Bb trumpet and trombone in contemporary settings. medium difficulty $20@

Air & Minuet– J.S. Bach transcription by Hibbard from the French Suite No. 2 –  for C Trumpet and Trombone. Medium difficulty. $10@

Gigue – J.S. Bach Trans. by Hibbard – from the English Suite No. 5 – For Brass Trio – Bb Trumpet, French horn and Trombone.. .     Medium Difficulty. $10@

Suscepit Israel – J.S. Bach trans. by Hibbard from the Magnificat – Brass Choir - for three Bb Trumpets and Trombone – medium difficulty. $15@

Brass Quintet – Roger Keagle in five movements. Scored for two Bb Trumpets; two Trombones and tuba. Intra; Air; Sarabande; Gigue and Finale are the movements set with contemporary harmonies. Skill level is different for each movement – overall medium difficult $45@

Rondo for Trombone – Roger Keagle . Written for Trombonist John Mead, this piece is a showpiece for the trombone. Medium difficult $15@

Woodwind Solo & Ensemble Music

Three Pieces for Unaccompanied Flute -  Roger Keagle . Written for Flutist Patricia Brainard Maki, in a contemporary  setting. Very rewarding as a recital selection. Difficult $10@

Overture to Dido and Aeneas – Henry Purcell trans. by Hibbard. For Woodwind Choir. Scored for Flutes, oboe, Clarinets (Eb, Bb, alto ) and saxophones (alto, tenor and baritone). Flexible instrumentation, piece can be played by any combination of woodwinds. Oboe, Eb  soprano clarinet are doubled by Flutes, and Alto Saxophone. Medium. $20@

Woodwind Quintet – Roger Keagle in three movements – contemporary setting for the woodwind quintet. Challenging but, rewarding work Difficult $40@

Gigue – J.S. Bach Trans. by Hibbard – from the English Suite No. 5 – For Saxophone Trio – Soprano, Alto and Baritone Saxes     Medium Difficulty. $10@